April 2019 Short Story: “Zeroth Card”

The Fool’s Journey is the real year zero of your life, even if you’re a too-old college grad. It is the zeroth card in the Major Arcana for a reason too, because you’re like a newborn freed from its slimy amniotic sac.

All my other cards were Minor Arcana, a little harder to pin a character to, but I imagine that the Page of Cups is a pretty woman of curiosity. The Ten of Swords is as painful as ten swords in your back. But, I can always reverse that in my head.

And what else happened in my head? The Lovers card.

“So imagine what your reading could be,” Annie said.

“I thought we were just getting wings,” Cat mumbled. But they already had wings? Annie even let her date get them as hot as she wanted them. They disagreed on that part the moment they introduced themselves. “Did you rehearse that?”

“Well, eating wings can get boring. Tarot’s just a storytelling game and, ya know, I put stock into it but you don’t need to. And of course I rehearsed it.”

“How many ways can I say…not interested?”

The fifteen minute date was a new record for Annie. Shortest date ever, and longest for her too. Unfortunately, no one wanted a tarot reading besides her parents, and even they had their limits. It was hard to stop talking about! Annie studied it for years, ever since her weird aunt gave her a deck when she was a kid.

Annie had to carry those spicy wings to the bar all by her lonesome. She needed a beer to wash them down too, and there was a bartender. They tended to be nice but fake about it. Even Cat’s honesty was a tiny bit better.

Going outside of the house wasn’t that much fun after all. That was what another reading said the journey would be. Annie got both an upright World and Hanged Man. There were many ways to read it, but she was finally going stir-crazy in her mid-20’s.

“Disaster date, huh snookums?” said the bartender. She was an older woman with grey-streaked hair and tons of freckles.

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but tarot’s the only thing I know. And I guess not everyone wants that,” she said.

“Hey, I read with my lady friends every Thursday night. It’s not a bad thing, imagine us old ladies still needing guidance…oh sweetie, we do.”

“Eh…I’m getting bored just carrying my deck around,” said Annie. “Slow night, huh?”

“I didn’t need anyone to tell me it would be.”

Annie spread the cards out on the counter, careful to not get any liquid on them. And when the bartender’s started with The Fool too, a smile curled up on Annie’s face. Everyone else was embarking on a new adventure too.


Yeah son I don’t know a thing about tarot. Before someone comes down my back for “but you’ve said you’ve been a fan of Tarot for over a decade!” please be kind, they’re a band. Thankfully Biddy Tarot did a great job giving the shortest blurbs ever about the cards.

No fun lots, sims, or poses to give out this time, sorry!

Anyways did I mention that this is part of the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge? I don’t write just for the fun of it anymore.

I know we’re all on the honor system for the Veteran vs. Novice but for anyone who’s new to me: I’ve been writing sims stories in various locations since 2012 and have since garnered a reputation for being long-winded, dirty, writing deliberately unlikable characters, and sometimes letting my big gay seep through. I haven’t written anything that wasn’t under a variant of the username TheTripWasInfraGreen.

And hey! Please read ALL of the other April stories and vote when it is open to.


19 thoughts on “April 2019 Short Story: “Zeroth Card”

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  2. Oh that was interesting. Tarot and the Fool’s card. A chance for new beginnings. Nice ending to the short story.


  3. I notice a similarity in themes between you and I. Slight. Very slight. Lol. Pretty sure dating is the worse, especially when you’re not so foolish as to pretend you’re someone else. Here’s to both their new adventures! (hey, I’m an optimist).

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I thought it was a fun story, and I’d be up for a tarot reading, even on a date (can I eat my wings while I’m read?). Though, I think if that was all they talked about, it could get a little old after a while.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I imagine Annie might have a one track mind but she’s definitely one of those people who’s on the track to learn a lot


  6. Oh, man! I love this story too much. I never let myself talk Tarot with people I know, because . … you know, special interest and once I get started I can’t stop and the other person gets frustrated. The Fool (and anything in Cups) are my favorite. OK. Stopping now.

    In other news, I’ve been so curious to see how you’d handle a short short form, and I love it! It still has your typical depth and richness and doesn’t feel minimal at all in under 500 words! Amazing !

    Liked by 1 person

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